Please check our FAQ. If the answer you need isn’t here, please email us at secretary@heatonvoices.org.uk and we’ll get back to you

How do I join the choir? 

Please email us at membership@heatonvoices.org.uk to express your interest. There may be a waiting a list and we usually invite new members to join at the start of a new term. 

Is there an audition process?

No, we don’t audition new members.

What is the standard of singing?

There is no prescribed standard, but we seek to get better and more polished as a choir. The longer you spend singing in the choir, the more skilled and confident you will become.

Do I need to be able to read music?

If you can read music, that’s great! But it doesn’t matter if you can’t because we learn by ear. We don’t use sheet music when we perform.

What kind of music do you sing? 

We sing songs from all genres and places, including contemporary, traditional and classical,  folkjazz and musicals, songs from the North-East, from Africa and the wider world, and of course, songs for Christmas.

Many of our songs are original arrangements by our Musical Director, Richard Scott. Watch our videos (link).

Will I have to sing any solos?

Sometimes there are solos but if you don’t want to sing one, you don’t have to.

What happens if I miss a rehearsal?

We’ll miss you! And you’ll miss something as we work on new material and practise our repertoire every week. If you want to join, there is a certain level of commitment expected because we want to maintain a high standard and if you miss a lot of rehearsals, we’ll be worried and want to know why!

When and where do you rehearse?

We practise every Sunday evening in Heaton.

Do you have set terms or seasons?

We generally follow the school terms with breaks for Christmas, Easter and Summer. Sometimes we have half term breaks depending on when our next gigs are. Our Christmas season tends to begin in November and can be quite busy. We also generally have a summer season where we perform at a number of festivals and outdoor events between May and August.

How much does membership cost?

There are two subscription levels (‘Higher’ and ‘Lower’) and each member decides which level they wish to pay. See the table below for the four payment options. In line with the choir’s constitution, no one should be discouraged from participation due to their inability to pay the lower subscription level.  Any members in this position should discuss their situation with a committee member so that an appropriate contribution can be worked out. The committee’s aim is to be able to support all members to be able to attend, in line with the constitution. See option 4.

Payment option Higher subscription level Lower subscription level
1 Pay at the start of each term via bank transfer or cheque £70 at the start of each of the three terms (i.e. £210 a year) £50 at the start of each of the three terms (i.e. £150 a year)
2 Pay monthly via bank standing order in each of 12 months £17.50 pcm for 12 months (i.e. £210 a year) £12.50 pcm for 12 months (i.e. £150 a year)
3 Pay for just the weeks attended (via bank transfer or cheque) £7 pw for a maximum of 10 weeks per term (depending on whether you intend to pay when you don’t attend) £5 pw for a maximum of 10 weeks per term (depending on whether you intend to pay when you don’t attend)
4 Pay a minimal contribution after confidential discussion with a committee member. Amount to be agreed.

What are subs used for? 

We pay our Musical Director Richard Scott for rehearsals and performances as well as venue hire and insurance. Any surplus money goes towards our Christmas party and subsidising travel to some events.


What kind of music do you sing? 

We sing all kinds of genres and the majority of our pieces have been arranged specifically for the choir by our Musical Director Richard Scott. Please see our Repertoire for the full list.

Do you sing with any accompaniment? 

We sing acapella but this is sometimes accompanied by rhythmic clapping and for one piece, kazoos!


What kind of gigs do you sing at? 

We sing for local events and venues and often for charities. We also enjoy singing at the annual Streetchoir Festival which is held in a different town or city in the UK each year.

Do you do ticketed events?

Every so often we do, particularly for special occasions. However, most of our performances are in public spaces where anyone can come along and listen.

Will you sing at my event?

Please email events@heatonvoices.org.uk to ask about our availability. We consider each request on its own merits. If you are asking on behalf of charity we would ask that you organise the collection of funds.

Where can I see you perform? 

Please see our Events page for details of our upcoming gigs.